Why did I believe so fervently? How was I so delusional? What now? Those are some of the daunting questions that haunted Zach Olsen through his faith crisis and tentative steps toward reestablishing a new worldview. Before realizing the religion of his birth wasn’t true, Olsen had completed a two-year stint as a missionary, married in the Mormon temple and had four kids who were reared under the church’s precepts. His book traces the first warning signs of losing his faith: the denial, the avoidance and then the shocking realization that what had once been absolute truth was a man-made invention all along. At the outset of his faith crisis, he fell into a deep depression, lost all sense of meaning and suffered to make sense of what to do with his life. Starting from square one, he set out to establish a new belief system of his own, drawing on psychology, physics, ancient philosophy, Eastern religions, mysticism and the nature of reality itself. With compelling, unflinching prose, ExMormon’s Search For Meaning provides insights, advice and hope for anyone starting over after a crisis of faith.
This Side Of The Dirt Book


The disappearance of a corpse from an unearthed casket rocks a small Texas town on the border of Mexico – but searching for the truth behind it will put down-and-out obituary writer Stan Wakefield on the trail of grave diggers, mexican cartel mercenaries, desperate morticians and crooked cops, leading Stan to take deadly measures to catch a killer about to strike again – burying himself alive, in a cemetery, on Halloween night.

Using his front as a limo driver, Lane has become one of the city’s busiest drug dealers. That is until he wrecked his limo and lost a shipment of half a million dollars-worth of product destined for the most dangerous gang in the city. After coming out of a coma, Lane couldn’t be happier. Not because he narrowly avoided becoming an organ donor, but because everyone thinks he’s dead and he thinks he knows where the lost shipment is.

But before Lane can disappear for good, his estranged son is admitted to the hospital. Now the vicious drug dealers, Russian mafia thugs and grisly loan sharks are all that stand between Lane, the lost shipment and one small act of redemption to save his son’s life.