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  • Best Of 2019

    I watched 51 movies in 2019. Here are my favorites: Mid90s Clovehitch Killer A Star Is Born Apollo 11 Marriage Story My favorite TV show of 2019: I Think You Should Leave I read 48 books, 30 of which …Read More »
  • The Fastest Way To Get Rich

    The fastest way to get rich is to steal. But…if you steal you can get in trouble. So make it legal for you to steal. But…eventually you’ll run out of things to steal. So make it legal to steal …Read More »
  • People who pay attention are artists.

    Artists make art by paying attention. What you get out of Art is an understanding of how to pay attention too. With enough practice you can pay attention—that is to say, make art—too. How do you get people to …Read More »
  • Stereotype Yourself

    I don’t know to what extent the enthusiasm generated for Apple’s iPod spurred sales for the corporation’s other products, but probably a lot. There’s a name for this in marketing and it’s called the Halo Effect: the customer bias …Read More »
  • Collapse of Values

    What struck me the most when finishing Jared Diamond’s book Collapse, is his statement about the need for societies to reconsider core values in order to survive. He points to the Greenland Norse who stubbornly held to their pastoral, …Read More »

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