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You’re Not Alone Tour | Episode 11 | Party Party Party Podcast

We discuss partying with Andrew on his latest tour and his new music video for “You’re Not Alone.” Also: flossing, injuries while partying, what makes for the and best party experience.

We Don’t Know! | Episode 10 Party Party Party Podcast

We dive deep into everything we don’t know about Andrew WK’s song “I Don’t Know Anything.” I don’t know!

First Impressions | Episode 9 Party Party Party Podcast

We’ve had a few days to listen to Andrew WK’s latest album, “You’re Not Alone,” and here are our first impressions.

How To Listen To Music | Episode 8 Party Party Party Podcast

We talk about how Andrew WK has leaked two more songs on his latest album, the most optimal way to listen to music, the antidote to cynicism and making the first listen special! Party!

Ever Again! | Episode 7 Party Party Party Podcast

We talk Andrew WK’s latest single and music video “Ever Again”, party wavelengths and easter eggs. Also covered is Andrew’s brief and funny moment in the spotlight on NPR’s Morning Edition.

New Single and Presence In Partying! | Episode 6 Party Party Party Podcast

Andrew WK’s new single and we discuss buddhism’s idea of presence in partying!

You’re Not Alone! | Episode 5 Party Party Party Podcast

This week we discuss the release of Andrew’s latest album You’re Not Alone, play WWAWKD?, read one star I Get Wet reviews, discuss personal uniforms, posthumous recognition and party!

What Is Authenticity? | Episode 4 Party Party Party Podcast

What does authenticity mean? How authentic is Andrew WK? Does it matter?

Define Party & Conspiracies | Episode 3 Party Party Party Podcast

This week we start a new segment called “What Would Andrew WK Do?”. We begin to discuss controversial conspiracy theories and the definition of “party”.

Lineage and Passion | Episode 2 Party Party Party Podcast