Minimalism isn’t about stuff

Minimalism is a consequence, not a goal.

What I mean is that having less stuff is a natural outcome of being more deliberate and mindful. You don’t set out to decrease the things you own, but it happens naturally as you put more thought into what you buy and what you keep. There isn’t any kind of transcendence once you’ve whittled down everything you own to the smallest number of things possible. In fact, you probably won’t even notice the moment you’ve reach a new level of minimalism because you aren’t even giving the things you own much thought to begin with.


Minimalism is a mindset, making you more intentional about every area of your life – not just in the things you own. A minimalist mindset will cause you to carefully curate the technologies you use. It will focus your efforts on the things that are most important. You move from compulsive to in control. Random to scheduled. Reactionary to proactive. You use things rather than be used by them.

In the end it’s about living deliberately.


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