Zach’s Best Of 2017

I watched 87 movies in 2017, the lowest number since 2012. Overall, not a memorable year for movies. These were my favorite:
Baby Driver
Trainspotting 2
Logan Lucky
OJ Simpson Made In America


I watched 196 episodes of TV. The second highest since records began. I enjoyed these shows more than my favorite movies. Here were the best ones:
Search Party S1
Little Big Lies
Silicon Valley S4
Master of None S2
Rick & Morty S3
The Handmaid’s Tale


I read 30 books. A continuous downward trend since 2014. Although according to Goodreads, the number of pages I read in 2017 exceeded 2016. These were my favorite:
The Trespasser by Tana French
Attention Merchants by Tim Wu
How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams
The Force by Don Winslow
Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari
The Humans by Matt Haig


More 2017 best of’s:


Most Painful: Pulled muscle in my back working out and was incapacitated for two weeks
Runner up: Woke up to at least 30 spider bites across my body
2nd runner up: Bruised tailbone from glasaiding on Mt Saint Helens


Coolest (by far): Total solar eclipse


Best Vacation: Tie between Kauai and Italy


Best Surprise: Birthday trip to Yosemite California


Best Family Trip: Camping at Lost Lake Oregon


Best Concert: Andrew WK
2nd: Sylvan Esso


Most Embarrassing: Fell while test driving Vespa from guy on Craigslist


Most Entertaining: Shooting fireworks on beach 4th of July Long Beach Washington


Firsts of 2017: First time I played 9 holes of golf – (got two bogies!)
First time I did an Escape Room
First time going to a sensory deprivation float tank
Finished first video game in over a decade – Inside on PS4


Most Proud of Myself: Killing it performing magic show for nieces and nephews during family reunion


Biggest Disappointment: Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Worst Idea: Enrolling three kids in soccer at the same time – three soccer games every Saturday for month and a half


Best idea: Getting Lasik eye surgery
Runner up: First bike tune up in 7 years – bike rides like new!


Favorite purchase: Bidet toilet seat attachment
Runner up: Sold 04 Toyota Sienna, bought 2011 Toyota Sienna

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